End your

period pain

with Hflo.

Backed by science, the HFlo App is built to help you understand how to support your body to naturally achieve & maintain pain free periods.
Hormonious Flo is committed to protecting You and Your Menstrual Cycle Data

How HFlo Can Help You Achieve & Maintain Pain-Free Periods

Evaluate Menstrual Wellness & Lifestyle
Identify the root cause of your Period Pain
Understand Your Menstrual Cycle
Find out the link between period pain and lifestyle
Support Your Body, Every Day
With recipes, exercise and stress management
Monitor Your Progress
Watch how small daily changes make a Big difference
Developed By Expert Health Coaches
Here at Hormonious Flo we have created a Hflo plan with the support of health coaches and nutritionists. By digitalising the approach that health coaches are already using today, we have created an affordable solution that simplifies the process of biohacking daily lifestyle to address the underlying cause

Find out the underlying cause of your period pain

From Our Community

Hormonious Flo has completely changed my relationship to my period. I wish I knew this information years earlier! This app is a complete gamechanger if you want to eliminate period symptoms
I felt very seen and represented in the app; from the images used, to the symptoms I could track
The initial evaluation of menstrual health and lifestyle was great. I love how my expectation for a 6 months journey to pain-free periods was set
I LOVE this app! It is so easy to use and fits perfectly into my busy lifestyle. Well researched with a lot of resources
I already use a grocery app on my phone and I have now switched to using the grocery list in HFLO