Our Vision For Hormonious Flo

Closing the data gap in the understanding of the female body to help women optimise for better wellness.
Our Story

Hormonious Flo, formerly known as UCycleSync is a digital menstrual cycle wellness app. We are on a mission to end period pain naturally!

Alexis Abayomi

Alexis Abayomi is a technical founder & CEO of Hormonious Flo. Back in 2017, I was suffering from period pain and lived through the frustration and hopelessness of going to my doctors for help. I found help from health coaches, books, courses and articles. I have learnt that achieving and maintaining pain-free periods is making daily choices that help you form a healthy partnership with your body. Not every day will be ideal but I believe in the 80/20 rule. I no longer suffer from abdominal pain during my period but I do have other symptoms that I working on eliminating with the HFlo app.

Arin Fambro is a Hormone & Endo Nutritionist and FAM Educator. She is a qualified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), a certified FEMM Educator and she also has Certification in GI stool and Sibo testing.

As a hormone & endo FNTP, I have had the honour of serving over 100 women & uterus owners worldwide in supporting them to deal with their hormone, period, and endometriosis inflammation through holistic nutrition. I have seen women go from passing out from their period pain every single month to having no pain at all. Women have been able to use the nutritional guidance they learned through our time working together to feel better in their bodies.

Arin Fambro
Lead Health Coach Consultant
Our Mission

Our mission is to help women take back control of their bodies, happiness and well being. We want to make the process of achieving and maintaining pain free periods enjoyable, simple and integrated into one's life.

Our Goal
Data Protection
Your period data is encrypted and only you have the key. We are protecting our community and their data while empowering them with knowledge of their menstrual cycle.
Working with health coaches, nutritionists and personal trainers to create an affordable and effective solution to feel good in our bodies every day.
Lifestyle Support
Simplifying the process of biohacking daily lifestyle and providing a safe space to learn about your cycle and track it and improve it.

Meet Our Team
Omotoyosi Ogunye
Product Designer
Rebecca Saka
Mobile Developer
Mahfuz Bello
Full Stack Developer

Our aim is to help women optimise their daily lifestyle choices to address the underlining cause of period pain to achieve and maintain pain-free periods.